Fleet Management Solutions


Proaims Fleet management will help you to give an extra life for your vehicle and to keep the vehicle maintained on time thus increasing productivity.

We have given you a space to monitor your fleet expenses including each vehicle fuel cost for an entire calendar year. Maintenance Alerts can be set by providing different parameters of your choice which will be easy for you to track. It can be a calendar date and time or mileage depending on the Alarm you wish to receive. You can get the following or more report based on your requirement.

Fleet Management Solutions provide:

  • GPS Fleet Tracking System
  • You see what is happening
  • Route planning & Replay
  • Hot Spots & Geo fencing
  • Live Traffic plus Alerts
  • Active alerts with driver ID
  • RFID Solutions
  • Communication Terminal
  • Fleet Management
  • Safety and compliance
  • School Bus Attendance
  • Mobile DVR Security
  • E-Campus solution